Public Speaking

Special Forces Veteran and Professional Obstacle Course Racing legend Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis is available for public speaking engagements via both in person and digitally.  Topics include military service, Ultra-OCR training/accomplishments, goal setting/motivation and more.  Historically he has spoken to corporate groups, leadership retreats, military focused fundraisers, veteran events, elementary school classes, high school classes, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and youth Obstacle Course Racing training groups.

Contact him for pricing and availability at or through the "Contact Us" section of the website.

Adult Groups

Evan has talked at adult focused groups like HYPE in Manhattan KS and the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS.


Evan has talked at Riley County Grade School on Veteran's Day and taught a full day of classes on culture, experiences in the military, racing and more in West Islip NY, Fairview OK and a high school in Suffolk County Long Island.

Boy Scout Troops and Youth Fitness Groups

Evan speaking to Lionhearts OCR, a youth fitness group, via Zoom located near Chattanooga, TN.

Fitness Seminars

Evan is also available for more physical seminars and has taught weekend long events at ninja/OCR gyms.

Sampling of Video Content Featuring Evan

Podcast Appearances

No Excues by Tough Mudder

The Ultra OCR Man,” Evan Perperis, served in the United States Army Special Forces, allowing him to excel in the extreme sport of Ultra Distance Obstacle Course Racing as a result of 44 cumulative months of combat experience. In this episode, Evan discusses overcoming challenges, giving back, living life to the fullest, combat stress, the Infinite Hero Honor Challenge and more. Article here.

Optimize Yourself

Evan talks mindset, facing new challenges and getting outside your comfort zone with fellow 2x American Ninja Warrior competitor Zach Arnold on the deep dive into mindset on the Optimize Yourself Podcast.

What it's Like...with Luce

A podcast highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Hosted by Lucy Norris, listen along as she picks the brains of our generation's trendsetters and tastemakers to discover the true meaning of success. These are the stories of those who felt the fear and did it anyway!

Obstacle Running Adventures

Link Endurance

Miles Keller interviews Evan Perperis on topics including his Ultra-OCR Grand Slam, OCRWC's 24 hour event announcement and answers listener questions related to bodybuilding.

Episode 116: CTG Pro Member Evan Perperis Talks OCR Ultra Training & Racing

Post Endure The Gauntlet event talking with Morris Brossette and Miles Keller about the 48 hour charity event.

48 Hours of Endure The Gauntlet Recap

No Excues by Tough Mudder

SOFLETE (a website that sells training plans, apparel and supplements designed by and for Special Operatoins Forces type athletes), interviews Evan to talk about OCR as a sport and his 48 hour charity event Endure The Gauntlet.

Episode 57: Evan Perperis

Overcome and Run

Overcome and Run podcast Episode #2. Subscribe via podcast app or direct link to the interview is here.  

Day by day coverage of OCR America with daily 10-15 event recap interviews:

Day 1: Tough Mudder New England

Day 2: Shale Hill

Day 3: Viking Obstacle Race

Day 4: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet

Day 5: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine

Day 6: Dirt Runner

Day 7: Conquer The Gauntlet Oklahoma City

3rd Appearance: Preparing for World's Toughest Mudder with Allison Tai and Evan Perperis

Obstacle Racing Media

Obstacle Racing Media's pre-race coverage of 2016 World's Toughest Mudder.

2016 WTM- Pre-race coverage

2017 WTM Post-race coverage

The Obstacle Order

The Obstacle Order podcast did an episode covering Evan's exploits called "OCR Renaissance Man" covering a variety of topics including nutrition, ultra-OCR, WTM, OCR America, Conquer The Gauntlet, off-season training and much more.

Episode 95: OCR Renaissance Man

Episode 104: Evan Perperis, Training for the Long Haul