Charity Events

Since 2016, Evan with the support of Strength & Speed has conducted annual charity events raising more than $26,000 for Folds of Honor, $3500 for Infinite Hero Foundation and through organizing Tough Mudder's Infinite Hero Honor Challenge those participants raised an additional $24,000 for Infinite Hero Foundation.

Fundraisers included things like 24 hours on a treadmill, climbing the height of Everest, 8 OCR marathons in 8 days in winter, 48 hour multi-lap, podium performances at every 24 hour OCR in the US and running an ultra-OCR just below Everest's death zone.

2022 OCR Everest

Evan set out to climb the height of Everest on a Tough Mudder course.  Don't miss the 10 minute documentary shot by Bobby Ross which helped raise more than $3500 for Infinite Hero Foundation.

2021 OCRmill 21,000 Feet &
2020 OCR America 2

Evan's 2020 and 2021 charity events are covered in the documentary Ultra-OCR Man.  The documentary is available now for stream or download via the link below.

OCRmill 21,000 feet is the world's highest Ultra-OCR.  Run using a several thousand dollar hypoxic generator simulating 21,000 feet of atltitude (just below Everest's death zone) Evan will run a mile and do four obstacles repeated for six hours.  

OCR America 2 might be Evan's most ambitious event as he attempts to run 8 OCR marathons in 8 days at 8 different venues in the winter.  Dive deep into his psyche as he attempts this 200 mile, 1000+ obstalce journey in the Ultra-OCR Man documentary.

2021 & 2022 Infinite Hero Honor Challenge

Groups of 10-20 people navigate a Tough Mudder course in a land navigation format over 10 hours doing obstacles in an unconventional manner with additional rules while following a storyline.  Participants do obstacles blindfolded, backwards, tied together, all as a team as they learn life lessons from combat veterans teaching them problem solving and resiliency.  A truly unique event that lasted two years and raised more than $24,000 for Infinite Hero Foundation.

2019 OCRmill

24 hours of 1 mile run on a treadmill followed by four obstacles. Evan ran what may be the most mentally painful charity event in 2019.  No video of this one, but there is a post-event podcast outlining how awful the event was.

2018 Endure the Gauntlet 

The world's longest OCR multi-lap, 48 hours on a course designed to be the hardest single lap course in the USA, Conquer The Gautntlet.  All of this taking place in the sweltering heat of summer in Oklahoma.  The epic event was covered by OCR Talk in the top video and Jake Diehl of Strength & Speed in the bottom video.  Plus, the full story is in Evan's book "Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting OCR Athlete".

Post-Event podcast on Link Endurance hosted by Morris Brossette and Miles Keller.

Endure The Gauntlet:

Post Event Articles:

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Reality vs. Expectations

Ultra-Recovery with OOFOS

2017 Ultra OCR Grand Slam

365 days, 6x 24 hour Ultra-OCRs including all four of the US based ones.  Evan attempts to do well at 24 hour OCRs spanning the globe from Vermont to Australia.  The event was covered on various podcast platforms as well as his book "Ultra-OCR Man".

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2016 OCR America

The first major charity event Evan attempted was 7 days of OCR marathons at 7 different venues from Vermont to Oklahoma.  The 150+ mile and 1000+ obstacle journey was a test not only of physical and mental strength but also planning and logistics.  

Video clips from the event and audio from the Overcome and Run podcast have been spliced together to cover the event.  The event is also covered in Evan's book "Ultra-OCR Man".

2014 Bike MS

Strength & Speed athletes John Schmaltz and Evan Perperis participated in the bike MS tour in Kansas City area raising more than $2,000 for multiple sclerosis research.