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BOOKS & BleggMit Money Saving combos

BleggMit Combo and 2 Books of Your Choice

2x BleggMits of your choice on size (one set of Lytes, one set of Extremes) and two books of your choice.  Choose from any of the ones listed on our website below.  Drop us a message via the Contact Us page to let us know size and book choice.


BleggMit Extreme and 1 Book of Your Choice

One set of BleggMit Extremes (size is your choice) and one book of your choice. Choose from any of the ones listed on our website below. Drop us a message via the Contact Us page to let us know size and book choice.


BleggMit Lyte and 1 Book of Your Choice

One set of BleggMit Lytes (size if your choice) and one book of your choice. Choose from any of the ones listed on our website below. Drop us a message via the Contact Us page to let us know size and book choice.




BleggMit Combo $104.99 Available in Small, Medium and Large. If you want a different size Extreme and Lyte, please note.


Small Combo

Medium Combo

Large Combo

BleggMit $64.99 3mm BleggMit Extreme available in Small, Medium and Large.


Small Extremes

Medium Extremes

Large Extremes

BleggMit Lyte $49.99 BleggMit Lyte (1mm) available in Small, Medium and Large. If on border of size go up.


Small Lytes

Medium Lytes

Large Lytes

Confused on sizing? Use the below size chart. 

Lytes tend to fit small if you are on the line of a size go up if ordering Lytes.

Contact us at if you have any additional questions or need to modify sizes/details of your order.


The New Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR:  Our best selling book over 200+ pages full of tips, techniques, nutrition info, three different difficulty training plans for four different distances from 5k to 24 hour.  If you aren't sure which book to buy, this is the best value, most comprehensive and our best seller.  

The Ultra OCR Bible:  The only book written on preparing for ultra-distance Obstacle Course Racing.  Includes three modular training plans begginer, inetermediate and advanced to help you crush your next Ultra-Beast or earn that coveted silver bib at World's Toughest Mudder.  

Ultra-OCR Man: Want to dive deep into the mindset of S&S owner Evan Perperis as he deploys to combat, succeeds in Special Forces training and then goes on to attempt some of the most insane OCR challenges for charity including 24 hour treadmill runs, 7 days of OCR marathons in a row and 48 hour multi-laps.

On Endurance: After more than 200+ podcasts on fitness and endurance, host Evan Perperis has distilled valuable lessons learned into this quick and easy step by step guide.  This 100 page book is a practical guide to improving endurance that you can start working on today!


Pro OCR Workouts to Go: Want a list of workouts you can plug into an exisiting trianing plan?  You'll love these 75+ options from OCR Pros broken down by both type of equipment available and training goals. 


Conquering The Gauntlet: A guide for anyone from begginer to expert who plans on taking on one of the hardest OCRs in the USA, Conquer The Gauntlet.  Tips for each obstacle and a generic training guide that you can use to plan your race prep.

OCR Bucket List: Confused by all the OCR brands?  This book is a "who is who" of OCR brands that includes a little bit of OCR history as some of the brands are no longer in business.

The Sponsored Athlete:  The newest book by S&S, a guide to reducing cost or making money from racing.  You don't have to be winning world championships or have a million followers, here's a couple of tips to help you turn your hobby into a cheaper hobby or possibly even an income producing endeavor.

(First orders ship mid/late DEC 2023)

Ultra-OCR Man Documentary

Combat veteran and Special Forces Operator, Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis sets out on self-created record setting ultra-distance charity events to raise money for the charity Folds of Honor. Evan attempts to run an Ultra-Obstacle Course Race (Ultra-OCR) at the simulated "altitude of 21,000 feet" a couple thousand feet below Everest's Death Zone". He also tries to run 8x OCR marathons in 8 consecutive days at 8 locations across the USA in the freezing conditions of winter all in an effort to raise money for kids whose parents were killed or wounded in US military service.

Learn about the crazy sport of endurance OCR with races lasting 5, 12 and 24 hours. Then deep dive into Evan's mind, training and physical conditioning of this professional OCR athlete with 80+ podium finishes.

Custom Training Options

Private lessons, in person or online/ZOOM training in  

Bladed Combatives Available 

(Medusa, Tiga Tactics, Western Piper Methods)

contact for availability and pricing

Interested in customized training plans?  Evan writes custom plans for a few selected clients each year.  This is all done remotely through a mix of consultation and sending a customized plan based off your race calendar.

Contact for pricing and availability for either custom training plan, custom training plan with phone calls or just phone calls to help you reach your OCR goals.


Stickers (2 for $5)

Choose two for $5. Options include:
-Oval barbell wings
-Ultra-OCR Man
-Pammachon logo
-Clear background barbell wings
2 for $5

Temp Tattoos (2 for $1)

Temporary tattoos, 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches.
2 for $1

Charity Belt Buckles

Five buckles from Evan's charity events.  Enjoy part of history with these OCR belt buckles.

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