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If you listen to the Strength & Speed podcast or read any of our books you know the value we place on deliberate practice. We believe it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill, which is why we partnered with two of the most experienced self defense experts we could find, Tiga Tactics (Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong). With 12 black belt equivalents and more than 60+ years of combined training experience they've developed a full suite of courses to prepare you for the most likely self defense scenarios.

Whether you don't have the time or available training facility to help you train martial arts, we have a solution for you. The experts at Tiga Tactics have come up with a full suite of online programs. These can be purchased once, learned by yourself or with a training partner and reviewed as many times as you want (unlike attending a seminar). Courses are broken into sections and you go through them at your own pace. These were developed by two cousins, Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong who have more than 60 years of martial arts experience and a cumulative 12 black belt equivalents. It's a no nonsense approach to self defense that distills just what you need to know (or what you may need to teach a loved one) to be effective when the situation requires.

Want to know more? Here's some thoughts on some of their courses:

Every Day Carry Karambit Knife: Arguably our favorite online course. While it is focused on the unique karambit blade (hook shaped knife) the principles taught in this class can be applied to any blade you are planning on carrying. Plus includes a couple of advanced techniques if you are more into the art side of self defense.

Club Defense:  The third flagship course (punch and knife defense being the other two) are key to understandings Tiga Tactic's methodology. Besides knife or punch, the club is the next most likely weapon which can literally be any long/rigid object whether that be a stick, baseball bat, crowbar or whatever piece of garbage may be laying nearby for criminals to use.

Stab/Knife Defense: Knives are common, never run out of ammo and require almost no training to be effective, making them one of the scariest weapons available to criminals. When knife attacks occur, they are more like knife ambushes, meaning what you learn in most traditional martial arts academies simply won't work ("death my martial arts myth). There are two attacks that have an overwhelming percentage of use on the streets and Tiga Tactics explains them in depth as well as providing an effective solution to countering them.

Punch Defense: You don't need a permit to carry one of the most common weapons available to criminals, the sucker punch. Tiga Tactics provides proven techniques based off real world closed circuit TV of muggings and assaults to develop this program.

Fighting Chance Combatives (Women's Self Defense): At the end of the day, my loved ones aren't going to take self defense courses, which is why I put this as number two on the list of recommended courses. Although the course is marketed towards women, the same techniques are recommended for a male (who is likely being attacked by a larger/stronger male). Even if you love martial arts, chances are your spouse/kids may not, which means this is a great course to go through with them or to take yourself allowing you to teach them the necessary skills for self defense.

Machete Fighting Course: Worried about the zombie apocalypse? Me too. This is a fun course for those that want more offensive knife capability. Although less practical than the other courses, machete (aka long blade) training is just fun. The same principles used for machete can also be used for offensive club use in the event you need to defend yourself.

Anti-Grappling Course:  While going to the ground may be a recipe for success in combat sports (as shown in the UFC), going to the ground in the streets is a bad idea. Besides the hard ground, broken glass or whatever else might be on the ground, grappling opens you up to attack from the criminals friends leaving you in a very vulnerable position. To avoid this pending disaster, you'll want the anti-grappling course.

Anti-Grappling Course II: Ground Battle: So you've survived the initial assault and are now on the ground, what's the next step? Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong use their expertise to take you through surviving a street assault that has taken you to the ground. The skills here ultimately lead to the final phase of the Anti-Grappling curriculum: Anti-Grappling Course III: Stand & Fight

Every Day Carry Flashlight: Knives are a great self defense tool, but what happens when you are in an area that doesn't allow for their use? Take the EDC flashlight course to expand your skill set of self defense in more restrictive environments.

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