Training Gear

Recommendations for some training aids to assist in martial arts or combatives focused training.

Training Blades

Kershaw E-Train

Folder Training Options: There are many options for training blades. One of our favorites is the Kershaw Emerson E-Train. The trainer has the wave feature, which allows for rapid one handed opening. The blade is also high quality and smooth allowing for safe training that is also durable.

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Karambit Trainer

If you took the EDC Karambit course by Tiga Tactics (or are planning on taking it) and are considering carrying a Karambit folder, you'll want a training option to go along with it. 

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LIve Versions of the above trainers

Kershaw Emerson CQC Knife

It is preferential if your training blade has the same shape, style and functionality of your live blade. This helps build positive repetitions and muscle memory. If you go with the E-Train training blade, we recommend the 3.25 or 3.9 inch blade Kershaw Emerson CQC knives. Both have blades that are longer than the trainer, which means when you practice touching a target with the trainer with the live version you'll actually already be inside the hostile threat.

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Fox Knives Karambit

If you took the EDC Karambit course offered by Tiga Tactics, you might want to consider a Karambit option. Fox knives makes some of the nicest folding Karambits around and it comes with our favorite one handed opening wave feature. 

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Other Self Defense Tools

When other self-defense options are not allowed or available, sometimes something as simple as a high quality pen will have to fill in. We don't recommend ones that are "tactical looking" or have hidden blades in them, typically if those are allowed you would be better off just carrying a knife. Both have many of the features we like including looking relatively simple, hard metal body, wider base to support your thumb/avoid hurting your hand when striking a hard target and has a pen that isn't opened by clicking the back.

Two of our favorite options are the non-tactical looking Atomic Bear Rebel and the Nitecore NTP31.