Our Founding

After years of weight training and marathon running I got tired of trying to find a group of people who had similar fitness goals and were serious about improvement. The solution?

I created my own group that simultaneously focuses on strength and speed. Started by my friends and I then expanding to anyone who wants to improve themselves through strength training, speed training or both.

We welcome all athletes, if you are focused on the speed and not the strength training that is fine or vice-versa. The end state is really a group of people who share training knowledge and experiences to improve as a whole.  If you are a endurance athlete, having a strength goal in the off-season will produce better gains than just saying "I want to get stronger".  That is where the Criteria comes in, by helping you set goals.  

You may notice we have a large presence in the obstacle racing community.  Obstacle racing happens to be a world where Strength & Speed are both valued attributes, which happens to suit us well.  Although not all of our athletes are obstacle racers a large portion have competed in one or more events.

Best of luck in all your training endeavors. Remember to train hard, diet right and don't forget to have fun.